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WoW Hunter Pets Are a Hunter’s Best Friend

As a World of Warcraft hunter, WoW hunter pets are a huge part of your character. In fact, your pet is almost like a separate character in and of itself. Here’s some information you need to know about your pet:

Types of WoW Hunter Pets

There are different types of pets for World of Warcraft hunters. Even though you might want to get a pet just because of how it looks, you need to really choose pets that will play to your strengths. Remember that you can have lots of pets and can play with different ones at different times. You might have some pets for playing in PvP and others for Dungeoneering or Leveling! Here are the types of pets there are:

  • Ferocity: These pets are great for dungeons because they can do a ton of damage. They do take a lot of damage if 토토사이트 they pull aggro, so they need some protection. These pets include cats and other damage dealers, and they can help you bring down your target faster.
  • Cunning: These versatile pets can both do damage and stay alive well. They include snakes and spiders, and they’re great for PvP and battlegrounds.
  • Tenacity: These ferocious pets are like your own personal tank. They can hold aggro without dying really well. These pets include bears and turtles, and they are excellent for keeping enemies away from you, so they’re great for leveling and questing on your own.

The Basics of Your Pet

Your WoW hunter pets will level with you, and they have different settings and a talent tree just like you do. At level one, you’ll start with the default pet for your race, but by level ten, you can tame new pets on your own. If you choose a Beast Mastery talent tree, you can tame thirty-two different pets, including some exotics. If not, you still have twenty-three types of pets available to you.

At first, your pet will only be set to defensive. This means it will only attack something after you do. Later, you’ll be able to train it so that you can send your pet in as your first line of attack. You’ll also be able to toggle between pet settings, which include aggressive and passive. An aggressive pet will attack everything, and a passive pet won’t attack even when you do.

For the most part, you’ll leave your pet on defensive. On aggressive, he can pull too much aggro and get you – or your whole group – killed. If you’re questing in a low level area where your pet can pretty much survive on his own or if you’re PvPing, you might choose the aggressive setting. If you want your pet with you but don’t want to risk him dying, select passive.

WoW hunter pets automatically level with their owners, which is really nice. Even if your pet has been dismissed for a while, it will level to within a few levels of you as soon as you call it again. Obviously, as a pet levels, it becomes an even more powerful ally.

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