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Why Jack Mason is the CEO of Manchester’s

For those of you who don’t know Jack Mason is the CEO of Manchester’s Inc & Co. A very large franchise system. I believe that one of the things that has helped Manchester’s Inc grow is because Jack Mason has kept it very small. He believes in Franchising being a small business. I completely agree with him and it’s made it that much easier for all of us small business owners to make a living. When I first got involved with Manchester’s I had no idea how big a company they had there are so many franchises out there.

One thing that really impresses me is how he treated his employees. We have been in the business for over 10 years and we have always been treated extremely well. Even the toughest customers get a break when they deal with Jack Mason. I always felt like he was concerned about the needs and the welfare of all of his employees. He never said a bad word to anyone. I can tell you he cares about his people.

I also like the fact that Jack Mason is so involved with the community. Even though he is the CEO of Manchester’s, he continues to be involved in different aspects of community and his foundation supports many non-profit organizations. One example is Habitat for Humanity. It’s a great thing that a CEO would do such a thing Jack Mason is the CEO of Manchester’s Inc & Co. One can only imagine what kind of impact a non-profit like Habitat for Humanity would have on the community if it were not for Jack Mason and his associates.

Jack Mason loves football and he always comes down and watches a game with the team. When he is not watching, he is usually working on something in the business that he is very involved with. I have no doubt that his primary interest is in the success of his business and that is why he has done everything in his power to keep this business growing.

The city of Manchester has changed dramatically since Jack Mason took over as the CEO. The first thing you notice when you go to Manchester is the amount of excitement and energy. Everyone from the young to the old walk around with energy and a sense of fun. This is brought about by the number of visitors, the city gets. Not only are visitors from all over the world but as well from England and from the surrounding countries.

This is a huge plus for Jack Mason and his business. We all know that every businessman who wants to take their company and run with it should do whatever it takes no matter how many obstacles they come up against. This is what makes Manchester a great place to run a business. Not only are the people extremely friendly and helpful but they are also able to help you with ideas on how to better your business and run it with more professionalism.

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