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Why I Admire Jack Mason

Jack Mason Manchester United fan should be considered as a true blue fan. He follows the Red Devils almost religiously and his most vocal support can be heard at Old Trafford. I have to admit that I was a wee bit taken by signing this lad from non-league football in England. However, I soon realized that he had what it takes to become a Red Devil. We all know that he is a goalscorer and that is what the Manchester United faithful are looking for.

I remember well how Jack Mason showed great maturity when speaking about his desire to become a Red Devil. He spoke about the club not being like Real Madrid or Barcelona, both of whom he has represented in his early years. He was honest and his desire to achieve such a status was admirable. Now, I am not saying that he will make the same impact at Man Utd as he did at Old Trafford. That is not the focus of this article Jack Mason Manchester.

I will however, say that he has the right attitude for the job. One has to give credit to Sir Alex Ferguson for selecting him. After all, there were many ‘intellectual’ names who were touted as possible choices. However, it was inevitable that he would end up at the club where he feels most comfortable. This is very important. If he had gone to a lesser-known club in England, then there is no telling how far he could have achieved.

In order to succeed at Man Utd, you need to feel at home. It is this very fact that has transformed Jack Mason into a Red Devil. The fans of the Red Devils easily identify with their favourite players. They are able to relate with them on a personal level and understand their motivation for the game. What makes them stand out is the fact that they are so similar to the fans of their idols.

As a Manchester United fan, I was excited by signing up of Jack Mason. I knew exactly what to expect from a new signing coming to one of the biggest and most famous clubs in the world. I watched his first game for Man Utd and was instantly hooked.

I cannot say that I have become a fan of Jack Mason. To be honest, my only reason for becoming a fan of the Red Devils is because of Alex Ferguson. However, the experience I gained from watching the former player, is invaluable. I am thankful that I was able to witness all of his achievements and know that I am a fan of the same caliber.

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