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What’s The Best Vacuum Cleaner For Me?

You may be in the market for a new vacuum and wondering which one is best for you. There are a few variables that can affect your decision, but by looking at your situation and comparing current vacuums you will quickly find a good match. Let’s start with a few questions to narrow down your choices.

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What Type Of Flooring Do You Primarily Have (Hard, Carpets, …)?

In your home do you have a larger percentage of hard floors or carpeting? There are vacuum cleaners designed specifically for hardwood, tile, and other similar surfaces. These vacuums include the power brooms or sweepers which work similar to a dust pan and broom, but are actually powered like a regular vacuum. You don’t have to bend over to scoop the dirt up. It is sucked up into the canister inside the broom vac. Obviously these models thrive on hard flooring, but they won’t be a good choice if you have mostly carpets. If this is the case you should stick with your more traditional upright or canister vacuum cleaner.

Do You Have A Larger Or Smaller Home?

Should you have a large home there are a couple options here. You could opt for a heavy duty or commercial vacuum that can handle the rigors of cleaning for hours at a time. These cleaners are more expensive than your typical units but will last longer, especially with the extra hours you will put on them Best Shark Vacuum. You also may opt for a combination of several specialty vacuum cleaners, each geared towards one or two jobs. For instance you could get a basic upright for cleaning most of your carpets. Then you could find a hand vac to clean your stairs and other hard to reach places. You could finally buy one of the prior mentioned power brooms to handle all the hard surfaces.

Do You Have Many Children Or Pets In Your House?

Another consideration for determining ‘what is the best vacuum cleaner for me’ is how much traffic your home experiences from children and pets. If the answer is ‘alot’ then you will likely need to augment your standard upright or canister vacuum with a steam cleaner. Steam cleaners are great at removing stains quickly before they have time to really set in. Anyone who has a dog or children knows that you will undoubtedly experience stains at some point. Plus if you own one you can use it on all your carpets every few months to return their color back to new. Sure you can rent these machines but it is handy to have them for whenever the need arises.

When determining what the best model of vacuum cleaner is for you, you need to first determine exactly what you need it for. Once you do this it’s much easier to compare the specifications of each brand model to pinpoint the right one. It’s always a good idea to do some research before buying anything, but this is especially true with new vacuums. You want your investment to not only suit your needs but also last for many years.

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