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What Are the Benefits of Balancing Your pH?

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is a rampant health ailment caused by many factors. Other than congenital reasons; poor diet, lack of exercise, and high stress levels are 3 of the risk factors of high blood pressure that can be modified to aid this condition. When eating a pH balanced diet, one full of fresh vegetables and fruits, lean proteins and legumes, and avoiding processed junk foods, you give your body exactly what it needs to heal, restore, and maintain itself in perfect health. Combine this with regular exercise and activities to lower stress levels, like yoga, meditation or breathing techniques, and you’ve created the environment for excellent blood pressure readings.

Eating a high acid, imbalanced diet creates an opportunity for the immune system to be overrun by bacterial and fungal growth. This onslaught weakens the immune system, which isn’t being fed what it needs to function properly anyway if you eating a high acid diet. Along this same immune system thought, you should Blood balance formula and Blood balance advanced formula be aware that studies were completed long ago, in the early nineteen-hundreds, by Dr. Otto Warburg that proved Cancer loves acid! His science showed that cancer, which is directly tied to our immune system, doesn’t like alkalinity!

Stress levels are at an all-time high in our societies today. Some of this can be blamed on our progress into a modern society, but a finger can also be pointed at how we take care of ourselves… or more aptly stated, how we don’t. Stress causes acidity in your body, and eating the standard diet of our times means you’re dumping more acid on top. Give yourself, and your body, the benefit of balancing your pH to better handle stress in your life.

Here’s a huge benefit to balanced pH levels: Better Sleep! That’s right, you can sleep more soundly, awaking more rested and ready to face the day’s activities by striving to balance your pH levels by eating a pH balanced diet, exercising consistently, and lowering stress levels. Exercise is a powerful stress management tool, so you get to double-dip for your health by pursuing this regularly. The minerals present in a pH balanced diet, particularly the alkaline mineral, Magnesium, can aid sleep quality more than you could imagine. Poor sleep can lead to common issues like mental instability CBD Blog, impaired immune system, risk of type 2 diabetes, body aches, and risk of heart disease. Balancing your pH levels can provide sleep quality like you’ve never had before!

The most common health complaint I’ve heard over my 26 years in health and wellness has to be a low-energy condition! Everyone needs more energy, right? The foods you consume to live balanced, the exercise you consistently do to live balanced; which feeds into your stress management… will provide energy far beyond what a soft drink will, and it will be much more sustainable. Remember that your pH controls the speed of the electrical processes of your body… which, uh… is pretty much everything! When you live on the alkaline side of the scale, your energy levels will soar!

Americans, and unfortunately now, many people around the world, are suffering through obesity at a staggering rate! Carrying excess body fat around has led to an enormous health problem around the world, and the future as it stands doesn’t look promising. Don’t be a part of that statistic, eat a pH balanced diet and watch your weight stabilize naturally. Dangerous diet pills, powders, and shakes are not the answer, pH balanced nutrition, consisting of a variety of vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, certain grains and legumes, and plenty of mineralized water will provide you the healthy answer to weight management, and better health for life!

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