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Watch Inspiring Movies

One thing that is helpful towards reaching your goal(s) is watching inspiring movies. These types of movies usually feature a character who is down on his luck. Everyone has given up on him. He is about to give up on himself, then one day someone gives him a chance and at that point, things start to turn around for him. There is one last obstacle that he must face, himself.

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I just described the plot of Rocky ดูหนัง. This film sticks out to me because it is one of the earliest movies that I know of that feature the down and out person who rises to the top. Another movie that features a similar type of story is “The Pursuit of Happyness” starring, Will Smith and his son, Jaden Smith. This movie is based on a true story. A man gets an opportunity to be a stockbroker but must go through an internship which means no pay. During the process, he loses his wife, and his house and he and his son end up having to spend sometime in the streets. But that doesn’t stop him, he continues on and eventually, his determination is noticed.

The lesson that these types of movies teach is not that anyone can win, but that anything you go after, anything you pursue, you must be determined and give it your all. Don’t be concerned about winning or losing. Just put out your best efforts and let life be what it will be. You may not get the reward you think you will get, but you will nevertheless be rewarded.

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