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Upholstery Furniture Cleaning – Tips and Techniques

Upholstery Furniture Cleaning Services is an industry leader. We provide interior cleaning services to residential customers as well as Commercial clients located throughout the State of California. We are proud to be Newport Beach, CA’s Premier Upholstery Dry Cleaner. As a premier Upholstery Dry Cleaner, our company is dedicated to providing quality, reliable service and top-of-the-line products to our valued customers. We offer a full range of services designed to make your upholstery cleaner than ever before.

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Whether your upholstery furniture is new or old, we’ll take care of it from stains to complete wipes down. Upholstery is a lot easier to clean when you use our products. Upholstery cleaning takes time, especially furniture upholstery cleaning. With a professional upholstery furniture cleaning service in Newport Beach, you can expect to get the upholstery you love for a long time to come. Be sure you’re working with the right company by looking for a “Certified Premium Upholstery Dry Cleaner” on our website пране на мека мебел София.

Unlike other furniture cleaning services, we use only award winning, eco-friendly and safe Upholstery Dry Cleaners. We have worked hard to ensure that the chemicals we use are the safest and most effective on any type of fabric or upholstery. We have also invested a great deal of time, money and energy into training all of our staff so they are properly trained and equipped to perform any type of upholstery furniture cleaning service.

The goal of professional upholstery cleaning is not just to remove stains and dirt, but to restore the fabric and luster of your furniture. To accomplish this, you should be prepared to deal with any type of dirt and stains imaginable. From pet stains to food spills, dirt will always stick to whatever surface you choose to sit or lay on. We offer a variety of different techniques and products for removing stains from furniture upholstery.

You’ll want to start by applying an all-natural stain remover such as Nature’s Miracle to the area in question. This will penetrate the fabric and work its way through the dirt, into the pad, then through the pad itself. After applying the natural stain remover, use a pad iron on each area of the pad that needs cleaning to remove as much of the dirt and stain as possible. You may need to repeat the procedure until all of the dirt has been removed. Be sure to leave enough time between each cleaning to allow the dirt to completely dry.

Most of the time, professional upholstery cleaning is best done on an interior upholstery only. It’s much harder to clean upholstery with something sticking up in the middle. Once your furniture upholstery cleaning is completed, follow up with a good quality dog shampoo to help get rid of any remaining pet hair or food crumbs. Remember, if you are using carpet, you must vacuum first. The upholstery furniture cleaning product doesn’t do anything at all unless it is vacuumed first. Follow these steps, and your upholstery will look as fresh as when you first brought it home.

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