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Tinnitus Treatment – Using Herbal Remedies and Vitamin Supplements

Tinnitus symptoms are a high pitched noise in your hearing that has no external source. In fact, it is a malfunctioning of the auditory system within your body that is causing the high pitched ringing (or hissing, clicking or buzzing sound). Why the auditory system is malfunctioning requires professional diagnosis. When a diagnosis is reached a number of treatment strategies can be developed. One such tinnitus treatment is using herbal remedies and vitamin supplements. This article will list some of the common herbal remedies and vitamins for tinnitus and how they work.

For most people taking a vitamin or herbal supplement will not make a huge difference. This type of treatment is more effective for people that are run down in some way, either due to excessive stress or a long term illness. Taking herbal remedies and vitamins is simply a way of getting your body back to full strength so that can heal  Sonavel  any parts of the ear that may be damaged or prevent further damage or infection to the ear.

In terms of a herbal remedy, Ginkgo Biloba is often recommended. Ginkgo Biloba is the extract from the Maidenhair tree. It has it’s origins as a herbal remedy in ancient Chinese medicine. Ginkgo Biloba is thought to improve the circulation of blood to the body, including many of the micro-capillaries that provide blood to the ear and skin cells with the ear. It is also thought to reduce oxidation of cells from free radicals.

In terms of vitamins that can help, Vitamin B is often recommended. Studies suggest that people that have a deficiency in this vitamin have worse tinnitus symptoms than those with normal levels of vitamin B.

Other vitamins that could help are A, C, and E vitamins. The main thinking behind this is that they also help reduce or prevent the oxidation process within the ears caused by free radicals.

Mineral supplements can also play a part in treating your tinnitus symptoms. Two key minerals are Zinc and Magnesium. You will find that when your body has the recommended amount of these minerals, the symptoms of tinnitus will be reduced.

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