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The Vision Board – The Secret to an Extraordinary Life by Joyce Schwarz

I first became interested in vision boards like most people, I imagine, when I heard John Assaraf and Jack Canfield speak of them. I believe visualization is an important element toward skill enhancement as used by many athletes and other top performers. It is also an important element of leadership and goal setting. You must have a vision to work toward.

Vision Boards are a way to take your vision and create something to assist you in keeping that vision paramount in your daily life as you strive and work toward making that vision a reality.

“The Vision Board: The Secret To An Extraordinary Life” by Joyce Schwarz is a great book to help you think about and create a vision board to focus on and achieve what you want most in life. The book has a foreword by Bob Proctor, who along with Assaraf and Canfield was featured in the hit “The Secret.” Canfield also wrote a short afterword. (I admit the endorsements from Proctor and Canfield influenced me on wanting to read this book.)

One thing I really liked about the book was that it was not just simply a book saying to cut out pictures of nice cars, homes, and money and by placing them on a board you will miraculously obtain all you ever wanted. The book focuses more on actually creating a vision of what you want out of life and personalizing your vision board to help you achieve what is important to you.

Schwarz describes how vision boards can help you with various portions of your life, and in fact you may want to create numerous vision boards that focus on different visions you may have Vision 20 reviews at various times. Some things to incorporate into your visions, suggested by Schwarz, include relationships, wealth and well being, and gratitude, a theme very prominent in this book. The vision board samples included in this book are as different as the people who created them, and they illustrate that there is no right or wrong way to make one, as long as it is something that motivates you toward the vision you have created for yourself.

The book contains some great suggestions for not only creating your vision boards, but in using them as well. If you have become interested in the power of creating vision boards and are looking to create one or more for yourself, this book provides some excellent guidance along with practical tips in designing the vision of your future.

I believe the key to vision boards is to use them to motivate you toward your ultimate vision of your life. You can’t design a vision board and then sit back watching television re-runs thinking your life will change. Once you have created a vision of where you want your life to go, and have incorporated that vision onto a vision board, you must consistently take action toward that vision. Keep your vision board in plain sight to motivate you to take action. Use Joyce Schwarz’s “The Vision Board” to help get you started.

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