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The Male Orgasm

Sex is one universal topic. Wherever you maybe, you will probably find a guru who is willing to spice things up in your relationship. I believe that these experts can greatly help but their advices are worthless if you are dictated by your inhibition. I am not a guru in this arena but this add-on will definitely heat things up in bed. I am talking about the male orgasm.

We have always heard that men get easily aroused compared to women. Does that mean, that it is easier to please the males compared to females? Would you agree that it is safe to say that loving your men does not take much effort? These are the common thoughts that I would love to refute. Just like women, we also enjoy a slow passionate love making. However, due to lack of knowledge (of us males too), we have limited tools that can lengthen this activity. Hence, I will be discussing this one technique to elicit great male orgasm in a more exciting way, through his gland called prostate 송파스웨디시.

The prostate is one understated gland. Unfortunately, its popularity heightened due to cancer, which it is usually associated. For those who don’t know what this prostate does, let me educate you. This gland can be found between the bladder and rectum. It surrounds the urethra, a canal where the contents of bladder passes. This passage is the same way where urine and semen goes through. The prostate is shaped like a chestnut while its size is similar to that of walnut.

Let’s delve into this gland’s function. This walnut-like organ of male’s anatomy is part of the reproductive system. It is the shelter of the alkaline substance that makes up the semen. This alkaline is vital for forming a zygote, as it neutralizes the naturally acidic walls of the vagina. Thus, more semen can survive and there is a greater possibility for them to meet the ovum. Now that we are done with the lengthy introduction, let us go to the main part, the procedure on how to please this very sensitive organ. Another trivia, just like the head of the penis, prostate is also made out of highly sensitive nerve-endings. Hence, stimulating this part would be a real treat for them.

First things first, find a quality lubricant. This would be of great help as you do this technique that I will be teaching you. Then make sure that you have trimmed your nails. We do not want to puncture any part of his body. Also, there is a high chance that your nails are housing some bacteria that may be transferred to his prostate. We don’t prostatis to take place, we want bliss. We need a lubricant in order to ease our way through your man’s anus. You may use your middle finger to do this. Much better if you are on a kneeling position while you are faced in front of him. So, your hand shall be in between his legs, your palm facing you. Be gentle while you are inserting your finger. Try to relax your man with a soothing voice while doing this.

Two or three centimetres from his opening, you will feel a bump. That is the part adjacent to his prostate. Massage in a circular motion. It would be natural for him to feel a sensation like that of urinating. After a few moments, your partner will climax and experience a release he had never felt before. Yes, it takes a little getting used to. A few practices would make this more pleasurable and easy. Good luck and I hope you enjoy this little spice I have given you.

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