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The Benefits of K-Cups at the Office

Keurig K-Cup machines are wonderful for the home, but they really shine in the workplace. Think about how many times you have walked into the break room to see a sliver of burned coffee at the very bottom of the pot. Or, the day you get a nice big cup only to find out later (when you’re falling asleep at your desk) that someone had made a pot of decaf that morning. Then there are the days when the coffee is as muddy as a swamp, or as weak as if the same grounds had been run through the machine 3 times. The Keurig K-Cup is the true solution to all of those problems.

With the K-Cup, every employee is at his or her own leisure to create their very own delicious cup of coffee, at their convenience. So many different people in one place are bound to have many different tastes and desires. Some will want strong java; others, decaf. Some will enjoy a nice cup of tea in the morning, while others would enjoy fresh hot cocoa. The K-Cup makes this not only possible, but simple K cup filler.

Another benefit is that K-Cups are very affordable, especially when compared to going out to a coffee shop every morning instead of braving the break room. Having a K-Cup available in the office can cut down on coffee runs and increase productivity and sanity in the office. Morale will be up too, since employees will be able to get their morning perk in any way they want it.

Regular coffee machines in the office are almost certain to cause a huge mess from time to time. Coffee drips on the countertop, water spills when filling up the reservoir, coffee grounds and torn filters all over the place. The K-Cup eliminates these problems as well, since it is so clean and easy to use. If only it would clean the office microwave.

Keurig offers several advanced systems for offices. Plumbed and pour over systems are both available to suit office needs from small to large. Whether your office required a plumbed line that automatically feeds and storesĀ K-CupsĀ for quick and efficient use, or a small pour over model will suffice for just a few employees, the convenience of a Keurig K-Cup system will make the office a happier place.

Another great way to enjoy K-Cups at the office is to get your own DeskPro personal sized desktop brewer. A personal brewer can get you through those tough days without ever having to wait for an entire pot to boil or a chance to run out to the nearest coffee shop. A personal K-Cup brewer is a great gift, either for yourself or another hard-worker in your life.

The office is truly the ideal place for K-Cup coffee machines. Whether it is to please customers or to keep the staff happy, a K-Cup coffee machine is up to the job. It is great in any office setting and always makes the best cup of coffee possible.

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