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Some Useful Tips for Improving Your Old and Outdated Corporate Logos

A logo design is the graphical representation of a company, organization, or individual. A logo is generally a symbol, or graphic mark designed to help promote and identify public visual identification and recognition. It can be of a pictorial or abstract design or consist of only the name of the entity it represents such as a wordmark. Logo designs can also be in the form of icons, diagrams, charts, or any other form.

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For corporate visual identity, many designers use a set of standard fonts. These are typically Times New Roman, Arial, Palatino, Georgia, and Courier New. Other commonly used fonts are Papyrus, Georgia, Helvetica, mandolin. The idea behind the use-cases for designing visual identity is that a common set of fonts will give a sense of familiarity for readers. On the other hand, different fonts can be used for various purposes so that the message communicated is not generic.

In contrast, for non-profit organizations, it is common to use sans serif fonts. Some popular sans serif fonts include Arial, Helvetica, and Palatino Linotype. Professionals often prefer sans-serif fonts because they deliver a clear message and are easy on the eyes. One important thing to remember when designing non-profit logo design is that text and images need to complement each other. If one graphic element does not match with another, it will not be clearly readable and will result in a poor brand message and thus, ineffective communication

Another important factor in brand recognition is to make use of images that are relevant to the target audience. This is an important aspect of good logo design as well as good copywriting for this purpose. As an example, if a child’s toy is associated with the outdoors, you would probably want the logo to look like a nature or landscape image. You can also change the background of logos depending on whether it is related to the outdoors or indoors. You can also choose to add a small label above a logo to indicate whether or not the logo should be viewed in monochrome or color mode.

The modern brands that have incorporated animation in their logos are actually following a new trend. While some of them have been able to create a convincing avatar of the brand by animating its features, many modern brands are now choosing to have short explanatory videos that explain the philosophy and objectives of the company. This gives a better overall understanding to the target audience.

It is important that your logo design convey a clear message to the audience about your products and services. Your emblem should act as your face to the world and communicate what you are all about. It helps establish a strong brand identity and ensures maximum business performance. Thus, it is essential for any company to take a look at their corporate logo and seek to improve upon it as often as possible.

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