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Seafood Restaurant in Playa Blanca – Cupom de Des Descoto Pichau

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The ‘Cupom de Desconto’ or ‘Cupom de Spanish Bay is a famous seafood restaurant in Madrid. It has been serving its delicious delectable delicacies for many years now. It attracts many tourists from all over Europe especially those who are fond of eating seafood. Most of the time, these restaurants are found in old villages or in some areas. The DE has two restaurants which are open to the public and they are called the ‘Arroz y Mascheras’ or the ‘Arroz Maschera and the’Cambaquera.’

There is a long history behind these Seafood Restaurants. One of the oldest restaurants was established in 1570 and it was called ‘Piso Sur de Pesca’. Since then there have been many restaurants that have operated here successfully. This place is one of the best Seafood Restaurants in Madrid that can be found in all the old villages as well as in other parts of Spain. These places serve different varieties of Seafood.

The ‘Arroz Maschera’ is the name given to this particular dish. In this dish, the fish is marinated in salt and then roasted for some time in the presence of onions, garlic, bay leaves and then finally fried. It is a delicious dish made from fish that is cut into smaller pieces and is then cooked in a special way. It is then a puree that is added to seafood and served with fresh lime juice and a salad.

The’Cambaquera’ is another mouth-watering Seafood dish from Spain. It is similar to the ‘Arroz Maschera’, but this dish uses fresh fish and not a salt-smoked fish. Seafood like cod, haddock, Herring, trout, salmon, cod roe, haddock, salmon roe and scallops are used in the preparation of this dish. This is a delicious dish prepared using a spicy tomato sauce. This particular dish is of Spanish origin and is commonly served during festivals such as Cinco de Mayo.

Another famous dish from Spain is the ‘Arroz moro’. In this dish, shrimp, squid and octopus are also used. In this dish, a kind of pepper known as the ‘Piper’s Pepper’ is also used. Squid is first boiled in vinegar and then later grilled. When it is grilled, the squid opens up its legs and gives a wonderful flavor to the seafood. It is then delicately decorated with bread crumbs, olive oil and fresh lemon slices.

If you are looking for an excellent Spanish restaurant where you can have Seafood Restaurant, then you must try the ‘Zapateado de Pollo’. This restaurant specializes in making fresh fish that is then made into a dish. The seafood dish that is created here has a distinct flavor and you will definitely be delighted by its taste. You will find it irresistible since it is made using fresh fish.

Besides seafood, this restaurant also serves other seafood delicacies such as frog legs, squid, prawns, clams and oysters. However, since it is only a small restaurant, it does not have a lot of dishes that you can choose from. However, if you are looking for a wonderful dining experience, then you must go to Cupom de Des Descoto Pichau. It is just a few minutes away from the Hotel Playa Blanca.

There are many local Spanish people who come to this famous restaurant to enjoy their meals. Aside from seafood, you can also have a taste of the different Spanish delicacies. Apart from seafood de Mayo, you can also have delicacies such as paella, cabeza de queso, chorizo and fried squid. This restaurant is open twenty-four hours and you can even have it at two in the morning because that time most of the seafood restaurants in the city closes down for the day.

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