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Prostate Problems – Digital Rectal Examination

Digital rectal examination – the most simple, obvious and common way to define diseases of the prostate. However, for many men it is one of the most unpleasant procedures for medical examination, because they feel a sense of embarrassment and inconvenience. This is understandable, but with all this procedure is painless and well tolerated. Understanding the need of this study will quite easily cope with internal discomfort.

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The procedure is performed in the following order: before performing the procedure, the doctor puts into the hands of a special glove and applied to a finger grease. Then you are asked to bend forward – perhaps to lean his hands on the table – and the doctor gently introduces lubricated finger into your rectum read more.

Since the prostate gland is located directly in front of the rectum, the doctor may feel for her finger back surface. If the iron is increased in size, perhaps there is a benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

If the iron is sensitive to the touch, it can be a symptom of prostatitis. In addition, from 70 to 85% of cancers develop in the outer parts of cancer. In the early stages they often palpated as nodules or seals. If the doctor you have found something similar, it does not mean that you have cancer, but the doctor may suggest you to do additional tests. Some other reasons may cause the same symptoms, such as infection of the prostate gland or education in small pebbles.

During rectal examination, the doctor enters the processed grease a gloved finger into your rectum and sounding out the rear wall of the prostate gland, which implies the enlargement of the prostate, its sensitivity, the presence of cones and seals.

Several studies in recent years proves conclusively that men are not held regularly survey more likely to die from prostate cancer than members of this group undergoing regular examinations. Scientists believe that early rectal examination can save the lives of 50-70% of these men.

Different health care organizations set a different age at which a man it is desirable to place rectal examination. Summarizing the recommendations of the most prestigious Russian and international organizations, we can say: if a man does not belong to a group with increased risk of developing prostate disease, he recommended regular check-ups at age 50 if there is a real risk of disease – that the age of 40.

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