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Presents of Humor

Giving gifts is an age old tradition that has been adopted by most cultures. Some of the preferred presents over the years include chocolates, clothes, flowers and even perfumes. However, if you are looking for something more unique for your subsequent gift, you may try and make a gift of humor. Here, we’ve compiled a list of hilarious gift ideas that are certain to have the recipient rolling with laughter.

Speaking of funny and hilarious gifts, there is no way that you could miss out on the farting slippers. The very name of this gift speaks volume about the type of gift it is. When you walk wearing them, they make weird noise like that of fart. These slippers look like normal slippers and are thus flawless as a gag gift. Give them as a birthday gift to your chum and let him walk wearing them in the party. The noise they will make will definitely give a hearty laugh to all the guests present there.

Gift a swine flu survival kit. Considering a rise in the swine flu cases in the current times, a swine flu survival kit can be the best option. Everyone tries to follow precautions that can help keep Derma Prime Plus the problem at bay. Nevertheless, some folks get all shaky and bonkers at the very mention of this disease. It is for such people that swine flu kit forms the finest gift. Just gift it by wrapping it in a fancy cover and get ready to witness the most panicky expression.

We are all acquainted with at least one individual who’s deeply religious or even spiritually inclined. A ‘Holy Toast’ would be the very best gift for such people. The ‘holy toast’ is a simple image of the Virgin Mary carved into a slice of bread. Organize an elaborate breakfast party for your buddy or relative on whom the prank is to be played and offer the toasts. The expression on their face is certain to have you in splits.

The ‘Stay in Love Forever’ gift is also another enjoyable gift which you could give to your chums or family members. You ought to ideally present it to a regularly bickering couple to do them a good turn. Gift it to them and ask them to spray it on and they will be swooning over one another in no time.

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