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Mobile Marketing – Why Your Business Should Have an App, a QR Code and a Mobile Website

“Everything is going mobile” the words of Google Chairman Eric Schmidt at the mobile congress in Barcelona, Spain “and Google will consider mobile first in all future endeavours 相親香港

Is your company awake to this fact? Or do you rely on your advertising agency or marketing person to be up to speed on all that is going on? Having recently been asked by a prominent advertising agency person how a QR code worked I worry for a company that gives this agency money!

So, what is an app and why should a company have one?

Most of the latest mobile / cellphones made today otherwise referred to as smartphones, have on their dashboard little icons called apps and when a person clicks on an app they are brought to a place where a company can provide up to date information, show videos and a multitude of other things 相親.

On my iPhone I have a heart rate monitor, an app that provides weather information, a donor app, an app that provides up to date news, another that lets me know the latest football scores…..and three radio station apps!

Having said that, apps are not for all businesses yet consumers expectations are that a Brand has an app they can download

If you are unsure about the need for your business having one, talk to a developer and having considered the advantages and disadvantages make your decision then speed dating.

I recently saw an ad to stay in a hotel of a well-known hotel group and the ad instructed me to download their app. I had my mobile / cellphone close so I downloaded it, looked at the offer, booked a weekend away through it and then deleted the app. The ease of the transaction allowed me react immediately…… if I was directed to a website I probably would have forgotten about it by the time I got to my PC

QR Codes are black and white squares that you see in more and more ads recently.

A person with a smartphone can download a QR reader app and when they click on it, the viewer in their phone opens. When they hover over a QR code, it vibrates and displays a mobile website or other call-to-action by the advertiser.

Having a smartphone enables someone go immediately to a website on their phone and there are a lot of advantages in this but a HUGE issue for many companies is that they haven’t had their website adapted so it can be viewed on all mobile devices and consequently when one goes to view it, the information is all over the place, thus annoying the respondent. This also reflects badly on the advertiser/Brand.

To summarise, recent surveys show that businesses see a much greater return from Google searches over social marketing and more searches are carried out now on mobile devices than PCs.

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