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Midway Airport Parking – Chicago MDW Lots When Flying

Parking at any airport can feel like a gamble. When you’re leaving to catch your flight you wonder if the lots will be full, when you return you wonder if your car and belongings will still be there. Is there a way to park in airport parking without all of the stress and worry?  Midway airport parking for example has almost everything you could ever ask for. They offer many customer service amenities and allow for any traveler to park and fly with peace of mind. There are also places nearby the terminals off-site to park. It is also know as MDW when you need the symbol online for booking a flight or rental car. Remember, that this is not O’Hare Airport which also services the Chicago area. Be sure you know the airport you want.

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Some of the services offered include an online pre-booking service where you can log on and guarantee a spot with a simple click of the mouse. Midway airport parking also offers the traditional خدمات المطار, yet essential airport services such as luggage assistance, affordable short-term and long-term parking, secured lots with 24 hour surveillance, discounted rates, free shuttle services and even the option to leave your keys and be picked up and driven to your vehicle upon arrival.

Midway airport parking also offers what they call the Frequent Parker program, where anyone who makes use of the lots on a regular basis can collect points toward their future visits. And unlike other point systems you don’t need to collect hundreds of points before reaping the rewards. With Midway’s program you only need to collect ten points before receiving a complete day of parking absolutely free. They also allow you to “bank” your points and use them in to park for several days without paying a single penny.

If you wish to park near the airport instead at a private off airport parking lot that will shuttle you to the terminal, a few available are Airways Parking on West 55th Street and Midway Park Saver on West 49th Street. Remember to not show valuables at all in your car whether you are parking off-site at a service or at the actual airport itself.

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