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How to Kiss a Woman Like a Hollywood Stud!

 – within these few precious pages are the keys to becoming an expert kisser! Learn these secrets and you will capture many a women’s heart.

First, you must realize the ‘vibrations’ or ’emotional sensations’ generated by a kiss are much different for men than they are for women. For the unknowing man, usually a kiss is simply one of the first steps towards the ultimate – sex! These same men see kissing as an inconvenience and not for what it really is – a magical key that unlocks the gates to nirvana!

The kiss to a woman is so much more than most men realize. It is believed that a woman will decide within five minutes of meeting a man whether or not she will have sex with him soon BUT if he is a bad or even a mediocre kisser, her mind will change immediately! In fact, the decision may be made to never have sex with this guy. You must understand that women believe, and rightly so, that if a man fails to see the sensual benefits of a fine kiss then surely he will not, cannot, be sensual when making love. The rare man who can get lost in the passion of a great kiss will break the barriers of most women.

In most cases, and unfortunately for the bad kisser, women will not verbally reveal that you are a bad kisser but it will be obvious with her actions and inactions. A bad kisser rarely gets invited into a woman’s apartment for a nightcap, let alone breakfast the next morning. A bad kisser will have many girl ‘friends’ but rarely will he have a long-term ‘girlfriend’ due to his handicap. A bad kisser is the butt of many jokes when a flock of 2 or more women gather. Don’t underestimate the power of The Kiss!

Remember this; the good kisser sincerely believes the kiss to be the destination not just as a step towards the end goal of sex. The true master kisses as if he is grateful to never do anything else with this woman, as if he never wants to do anything else with this woman. He kisses as if this is what he’s been dying to do for years and he wants to savor every second of the moment. Yes, a fine kiss, like fine wine, is to be savored and remembered not gulped and forgotten.

The next time you kiss a woman, assume you are being graded on your ability to kiss because you are. Failing marks in the kissing department will not allow you to graduate to the next level.

Make the commitment today to learn the necessary skills to becoming a legendary kisser and you will be amazed at the results!

The Kiss

“His kissing is as full of sanctity as the touch of holy bread”

As You Like It III, 4 (Rosalind to Celia, concerning Orlando) William Shakespeare

Be Prepared…

First and foremost you MUST guard against BAD BREATH! This will kill a relationship quicker than if you were crushed by a passing train on your first date!  There are numerous bad breath remedies online. Find one and fix this problem.

When preparing for a date, be sure your teeth are sparkling and your tongue scrubbed as clean as the deck of a Navy vessel. Be prepared with breath mints or gum should you decide to eat prior to any possible kiss. (Personally, I carry a travel container size of Orange Citrus Listerine. It taste great, freshens your breath, and kills any germs even considering making your mouth a home.)

The time has come for The Kiss!

Note: I have placed the following information in a step-by-step format. Your real life situation may cause you to 918kiss digress from this format but by studying the information below you will capture the meaning of the instructions and be able to apply them accordingly.

1. I’m assuming you and her are in a comfortable position either on a comfortable couch or perhaps her doorstep. If you are not comfortable, get comfortable. Juggling for a comfortable position during a kiss is awkward and labels you as an amateur.

2. Hold your lover, or lover to be, gently but firmly. My personal favorite standing position is to gently hold both her hands, waist high, then slowly bend towards her for the kiss. This maneuver is not threatening to her and even has a sense of traditional chivalry. Another option is to gently touch her face and lips then cup her face with one or both hands just below her ears and tenderly pull her head towards yours. Of course, if she resist, even the slightest, stop immediately.

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