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How to Improve Your Eyesight Fast

Are you sick and tired of wearing glasses? Are you constantly losing them, or think you’ve lost them when they are sitting patiently on your head while you raid the house for them? Or maybe you are fed up of going to your optician for your yearly appointment only to be told that your vision has grown worse and that you need a prescription for stronger lenses.

Alternatively, you may not be wearing glasses yet, but your fortieth birthday was celebrated not long ago, and recently you have started having a slight problem reading your morning newspaper or favorite magazine. You think that you are probably witnessing the early signs of presbyopia, or far-sightedness, commonly known as the eye condition of the elderly. You are trying to put off visiting your eye doctor for as long as possible, but you feel that you will have to resort to glasses sooner or later.

Or maybe if you are lucky, you still have good eyesight, but you use your eyes a lot and you dread the day when you will no longer be able to see properly without glasses. Maybe you wish Visiclear there was a way to preserve your good eyesight naturally, like you try to keep your body healthy and fit by exercising regularly and eating healthy food.

The answer will come as pretty good news for all of these cases. It is possible to improve your eyesight naturally, even if you have been wearing artificial lenses for years. Preserving your good eyesight or improving it if you are just beginning to have some trouble seeing correctly, is even easier. According to a well known American ophthalmologist, Dr William H.D. Bates M.D., poor eyesight is the result of bad visual habits developed during our lives, which put too much strain on the eye itself, as well as affecting the balance of our optical muscles which control the way our eyes focus. Weak or over-developed optical muscles are responsible for many common eye problems such as myopia (near sightedness) or hypermetropy (far-sightedness). Learning how to relax strained eyes and avoiding straining our eyes in the first place, is the way to improve our eyesight naturally.

The Bates method was developed in the beginning of the 20th century and was considered very effective in helping school children improve their learning and concentration without straining their eyes, as well as improving the eyesight of a large number of patients.

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