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How Many Downlights Do You Need?

If you are using downlights as the primary source of light within your home, you may be wondering how many are needed to ensure that your space has adequate illumination. Unfortunately, there really is no simple answer to this question, as it will depend on the size and use of each of the rooms that you are trying to light, as well as your own personal preferences. This guide offers a basic outline of how many downlights are required for different applications, so hopefully it helps you out: furniture store melbourne

  • Downlights should be uniformly spaced on the ceiling and arranged in a grid-like pattern that follows the overall shape of the room. This will ensure an even distribution of light and reduce the presence of shadows in the space.
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  • Measure a border of 80cm into the room from the wall; this will prevent too much light from hitting the walls of your room and creating a ‘washing’ effect. You may need to alter this distance for any wall-mounted furniture in the space, such as kitchen cabinets.
  • Downlights are compatible with dimmer switches, which allow the user to control the brightness of the lights in the space. This is especially useful in spaces that serve dual purposes, such as living/dining areas.
  • The distance between each of your downlights will depend on the size of the fittings. Casings that are 4 inches in diameter, for example, should be about 4 feet apart, whilst casings that are 5 inches should be spaced about 5 feet apart.
  • By reducing the amount of space between each of your downlights, you will increase the amount of light in the room, which is beneficial for spaces that require detailed tasks (such as the kitchen). By increasing the amount of space between each of your downlights, you will soften the illumination, which is beneficial for relaxation spaces (such as the bedroom).
  • Downlights are also suitable for drawing focus to certain elements of the room, such as a painting or architectural feature. In these cases, a single fixture or two should be placed directly above or below the element and should be controlled by a separate switch.

As you can see, there is no clear definition of how many downlights you need to install in each room. You may like the look of having 8 fixtures in your lounge room, whilst a neighbour with a room the same size prefers the use of 6. By making sure that your downlights are evenly spaced and that there is adequate illumination for the purpose of the room, you will ensure that you have enough fixtures.

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