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Grow Your Small Business With a Birthday Program

Do you reward your loyal customers or clients with a treat or incentive on their birthdays? I just opened my email to find four emails from local restaurants all offering me either a burger, dessert, or an ice cream to help me celebrate my birthday. I love a good burger and a girl has got to eat right? I love chocolate so tempting me with dessert is going to entice me to visit that restaurant too, right? Am I going to go alone? NO WAY! I’m going to drag my adult children or my friends in to those places with me. I will not be dining alone. Below are three benefits to having a birthday program for your small business anthropologie birthday coupon.

Three Benefits of having a Birthday Program

1. People love to be remembered. Your customers will feel special and loved when you remember their birthdays. This is an opportunity to remind them that you are still in business and that you appreciate their patronage. When you email or mail birthday coupons they will sit on the customers desk or be posted on a bulletin board until they are used. They even may sit there for months past their expiration date. But that is OK, because even if the person is not able to use your coupon or take advantage of your special offer your business will be at the front of his or her mind when he or she is ready to conduct business with your niche market.

2. Psychology of Selling. When you offer a coupon for a free dessert or discounted item the recipient will not want to appear cheap. He or she will buy something from your business. The birthday girl or guy is also more apt to become or continue to be a loyal customer because you made him or her feel special. The birthday person will also brag to his or her friends about your generosity. Word of mouth advertising is a big asset for your small business.

3. It’s Only a Number. Age is only a number but remember people rarely spend a birthday alone. When you reward your client or customer with a free dessert or food item he or she will not dine alone. He or she will bring in his or her family and friends to join the celebration. Your business revenue will have the opportunity to grow based on that one free burger or dessert. Your one coupon will generate two or three if not more new customers for that evening. Your small business revenue will grow.

When you make time to recognize your customers’ birthdays you not only make him or her feel special but you will be growing your small business. If you do not have a birthday program I highly suggest you start one today. Next year I look forward to seeing your coupon or special offer in my email inbox.

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