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Get Yourself A Flip With The Best Phone In The Market

The Oppo A 53″ TV has a sharp, flat screen that easily fits in your pocket. It is loaded with a number of hi-tech features such as a full array of built-in apps and connectivity options. In addition, it comes with two built-in speakers, a micro USB port for quick data sharing, a built-in infrared camera, a front touch pad, an external battery, a speakerphone, a USB port, a web cam, a high-end HDTV, and many other advanced functions. It’s so small you’ll forget you’re carrying it!

Oppo A53 Dual SIM Electric Black 64GB and 4GB RAM (6944284671102) |  Movertix Mobile Phones Shop

With an ultrasonic light emit diode (LED), Sharp LCD, and low light performance, the Oppo A53 wiped the floor with its bright display and smooth operation. With a low light mode, it boasts a bright, vivid display. With an ultra fast 90-Hz refresh rate, you’ll watch videos, surf the internet, play games, and keep pace with the latest trending hashmarks on one fluid and seamless display. A Dazzle of Light 3D Depth Sensor skillfully pleats for textural accuracy, inspired by the dazzling, shimmering, and refracting light of water waves, view the brilliant reflections of crystalline ocean waves from all angles ppo a53.

The Oppo A53 is powered by an advanced dual core processor featuring quad core processing power, providing an incredible high-performance and high quality image and sound quality. It also features a Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) battery backed by a high performance LCD. The O-gomax ACG battery offers a long-lasting charge to boost the phone’s performance. It also provides users with an extended battery life that outlasts users’ usage, up to ten hours of constant charging. The O-gomax ACG is an advanced charging system that delivers more than five hours of charging when used with the proper battery.

The Oppo A53 comes with two different variants that are available in stores. The first is the Classic edition, which comes with a stainless steel design, leather body, and a 2.5-inch color screen. The second variant is the Gold version that comes with a metallic frame, blue back plate, a textured front, a large soft keypad, an earphone jack, as well as a high-definition camera. The gold version is priced at a more affordable $400, while the silver version is priced at a more reasonable $250.

One advantage the Oppo A53 has over other smartphones is its camera. The rear and front cameras have been enhanced to give the best photos. This type-c camera has the capacity to take clear pictures with a fast shutter speed. In addition, the camera has a high-speed automatic focus as well as an optical zoom, meaning that the photos are free from blurring effects due to camera lens distortion.

The Oppo A53 comes with a unique dual SIM card slot. It also features a memory expandable option for clients who want to upgrade their handset. To cap it all, this impressive smartphone from Oppo comes with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean pre-installed.

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