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Enjoy Romantic Gardens on a Trip to the Cotswolds

If you appreciate the sight of a well-tended garden, a trip to the scenic Cotswolds might be perfect for you.

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This part of south-west England is home to numerous spectacular gardens ranging from small cottage sites to the massive grounds attached to large manor houses.

These gardens draw visitors from around the world throughout the year and are also highly popular among Britons seeking a romantic getaway in their native country.

One of the most well-known of these attractions is Hidcote Manor Garden, a National Trust-managed site that is situated close to the town of Chipping Campden.

It features various so-called garden rooms – each with their own distinct character – and a host of particularly rare plants that are hard to find anywhere else.

Other gardens of note include Painswick Rococo Garden, which was designed in the 18th century and attracts thousands of visitors at the end of every winter when the site is covered in a carpet of snowdrops to herald the impending arrival of spring.

Kiftsgate Court Gardens, located in Chipping Campden, has been created and tended by three generations of women gardeners and is made of interconnecting gardens that feature different plants depending on where they are located.

The upper gardens are home to flower displays designed to complement each other in terms of colour, while the sheltered lower gardens provide a safe haven for plants more associated with warmer climates to grow.

If you’re interested in more unusual gardens, Sezincote House in Moreton-in-Marsh may be for you. The oriental water garden is just one of the many intriguing features of the property, which was built in the Regency style with an Indian twist.

And if you’re visiting the Cotswolds in the autumn, make sure you take the time to head to Westonbirt Arboretum. Here, you will be able take in the spectacular sight of the area’s trees changing in colour as the weather grows colder.

Travellers from around the world visit the arboretum just to see this spectacle – and it’s the perfect excuse for a day trip for Britons staying in Cotswold cottages at this time of year.

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