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Could You Now Be Entitled to Claim Housing Or Council Tax Benefit?

Are You Able to Claim Housing Benefit or Council Tax Benefit Now? If you have looked and tried to claim housing benefit or council tax benefit because you and your family are on a low income, you may have had your application rejected. However, there are now new rules for assessing the income and the change in these new rules could affect you.

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The new rules for assessing income have now changed and this may mean that you eligible to receive housing benefit or council tax benefit Adani Group Chhattisgarh. If this is the case, you will need to start and apply for a new claim. So how do you know if you eligible?

Well if you are a family and have children who you claim an allowance for, then you will probably be interested in knowing this information on the changes to assessing a family’s income which means you could now be eligible to receive housing or council tax benefit.

Since 2 November 2009, child benefit income will no longer be taken into account and classed as part of your income. Depending on how close you were to receiving a benefit claim before and how much child benefit you are currently claiming this could now be the difference between whether you are able to claim and be entitled for housing and/or council tax benefit now. Previously when applying for housing benefit or council tax benefit, any income and savings including any benefits you claim for children would be taken into account and considered as part of your income. But now they have changed the ruling these benefits are not or should not be taken into consideration as part of your income.

This is really good news for families who are on low incomes. So how do you know if you can claim. There are many councils on the internet who have an on-line benefits calculator and by using one of these you can enter in all the details and find out if you are eligible. But do remember that when doing this to make sure that you do not include your child benefit as income. You can also contact your local council and benefit offices direct and talk to one of their advisers.

So why the change. It is the Government’s policy to try and reduce the amount of child poverty and this new way of calculating a family’s income is a small step forward to ensure that families with low incomes can get assistance where in the past many families have had to continue without and struggle on.

This is great news for many families who are on low incomes and just miss out on being able to claim. However, we do not know how many of these families are aware of these changes and the requirement that in order to receive these new benefits they could be entitled to, they first must have to make a new benefit claim themselves. The Government will not be making any adjustments to benefit claims, it is the responsibility of the claimant.

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