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Cosmetics – What is the Meaning of Cosmetics?

Cosmetics are comprised of a combination of different chemical substances derived either from natural resources or chemically synthesized ones. These chemicals are then processed in order to create cosmetics products. Many cosmetic and beauty products are available both in the local market as well as online. The biggest cosmetic companies in the world are largely dependent on the sales of these products. Cosmetics manufacturers aim at providing consumers with products that are safe, effective and at the same time affordable.

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Cosmetics do not fall under the purview of food and drug administration (FDA). Therefore, it is important to ensure product safety by adhering to the various product safety standards set across the country. These include the use of ingredients as per the guidelines set by the Cosmetic Ingredient Review Expert Panel (CIRP), which is a self-regulatory organization. It helps in maintaining uniformity in the use of ingredients in cosmetics and beauty products across the country. One such organization is the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCCE) International cac san pham duong da vaseline.

Cosmetics does not contain drugs because it is not considered as a drug. Rather it is categorized as a product safety product. It also defines cosmetics ingredients in terms of the extent to which the producers have fulfilled the requirements of the regulatory bodies. These are the basic requirements of the product-safety definition of cosmetics.

Some other ingredients that are present in cosmetics regulation are color additives, preservatives, fragrance, quality standards, additional health benefits, and added nutritive value. Color additives are used in cosmetics products to give the product a particular shade. Preservatives help in prolonging the shelf life of the cosmetic products. Fragrance is a chemical substance added to many cosmetic products as a thickening agent. They are used in the production of soaps, shampoos, hair sprays, toothpastes, makeup, perfume, and facial creams. Additional health benefits provided by the cosmetic products are vitamin A, vitamin B, beta carotene, mineral oil, and some flavones.

The term “personal care product” refers to all those items used for the purpose of applying on the external parts of the body. These are commonly present in the form of lotions, sunscreens, make-up removers, facial creams, body oils, and moisturizers. These terms are defined by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as ingredients intended for use as a treatment for human ingestion, protection or prevention of disease, or for therapeutic or remedial purposes.

Perfumes are added to perfumes for the purpose of enhancing their aroma. This is why cosmetics that contain perfumes as ingredients are more expensive than other kinds of cosmetics. Facial creams are added with perfume as this helps in masking scents when coming out of shower. Lotion is applied after the make up to hydrate and smooth the skin after cleansing. Thus, we can see that the meaning of cosmetics is not as straightforward as it seems initially.

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