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China Tells Citizens to Buy Chinese – Are They Sure They Want the Reciprocal Here in the US?

China is doing something very interesting to help them get through their recession. Since the US consumer has stopped buying and making purchases, all the factories in China have been shut down. Now the Chinese are telling all of their citizens to buy only Chinese products and to buy only locally. They believe that if they can muster their internal consumer to spend some of the money that they’ve saved they can keep their economy going.

Officials Push U.S.-China Relations Toward Point of No Return - The New  York Times

Yet, at the same time they want the United States to give stimulus checks to all of our citizens so that we buy products from China. If we tell our citizens to buy only US products, you know they will, and the Chinese would have a fit and run to the WTO, World Trade Organization, and cause a stink. China is being somewhat hypocritical and it is also discriminating against anyone that manufactures anything outside of their country China’s silk road economic belt.

When giving their economic stimulus to local governments, and jurisdictions the Chinese government has told them they must favor domestic companies when they buy the materials they need to build out infrastructure projects. Local governments may still buy products from foreign manufacturers as long as there is not a competing product that is made within their country.

Still, this reeks of favoritism and appears to be a clear violation of the World Trade Organization’s rules. When foreign manufacturers took issue with this, China said it is well within their laws and is completely fair to do so. Fine, then maybe the United States of America should not necessarily pass a law not to buy Chinese goods, but should enlist every single news media station to tell all Americans to buy only American products when and wherever they can and to especially not by Chinese products.

It is clear that China does not care about us, even though the United States of America has helped that nation’s economy grow at 10% year-over-year. That sure is a nice way to say thanks for all we’ve done for China. If that is the way they want to play it, two can tango.

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