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Cat’s Medication – Cautious Steps For Pills Medicine

There are times in every cats life when he will need to take medication of some sort. Cat owners who have been through this know how hard it can be getting the cat to cooperate. Below are a few suggestions that may help in your endeavour.

The first choice is to hide medication in some of your cats favorite food. This may not always be easy, as in the case of capsules or pills. Try hiding the pill in food such as tuna, peanut butter or cream cheese provided that your veterinarian has said that the medication can be given with food. But watch to be sure that your cat actually takes the pill. Some cats will eat the food and spit out the medicine. The cats keen sense of smell will also be a problem, so it is advisable to pick some of the smelliest food you can if you use this method.

Or you can try the Sneak Method, the rule is to disguise a pill in a bit of something yummy in hopes that your pet will not notice the pill inside. Observe your cat carefully for the spit-out before considering the procedure a success. In fact, the Sneak Method works a lot better for dogs, which tend to bolt down their food, than for cats, which eat carefully, considering every mouthful. Sneaking a pill past your cat can be difficult.

Another method is called the No-Nonsense Method. It is harder to achieved, but once you have skilled it, you will have the knowledge where the pill went. Take a firm but gentle grip on your cats Sonus Complete head from above, force open his jaw with the index finger of your other hand, and press the pill far enough back on the tongue to trigger swallowing. Veterinarians are professionals and can make pilling a cat look like a trouble-free one-person job. It will be much easier if you do this task first with someone else helping you to hold your cat.

Last but not least is the pill gun. Only a minority have good luck with this piece of equipment, a plastic devices designed to accept a pill on the tip, press it to the back of your cats tongue and release with a push on the plunger. Look for these in pet-supply stores, catalogs or in pet magazines.

The prize for the most ingenious method of pilling a cat has to go to the reader who long ago shared his Screen Door Method. He lifts his cat onto the screen, where the animal naturally reaches out and digs in claws. Once hung from the door by its own claws, the cat is in no position to fight, and pilling is fast and easy. It’s sure to shorten the life of your screens, but if it works for you and your cat, so what?

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