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Automatic Bollards

Automatic Bollards are a form of Traffic Control, they are aesthetically pleasing and disappear flush with the ground, they are completely invisible when not in operation and just look like a floor tile or a drain, however when in operation they are completely impassable to traffic. They are a very effective method of preventing the passage of vehicles without requiring any gates or large barrier arms. They primary design and purpose is to keep traffic away from sensitive places and they have minimal effect on the environment for historic sites and town centers. car parking posts driveway

They can be installed for a range of different applications and offer a very high security method for vehicle prevention, the bollards rise up from the ground when activated providing an impassable barrier, they can be manufactured with operational lights. If you are going to be requiring these bollards in a place where they will be active of a night time, I highly recommend getting them fitted with lights, it helps to eliminate the possibility of accidents and the dark does impede vision and may cause you not to realise they are there when driving.

They can extend to heights of over 900mm and can reach this height within 4 seconds of being activated, the bollards are often installed as a group as 1 bollard is highly unlikely to block off a whole section. They are strategically positioned a certain width apart so they stop all vehicle types without using a silly amount of bollards, it is all dependent on your specific requirements.

When I do a small business security check, I always start with the exterior of the building checking the fences, gates,walls and entrances for upkeep. A run down building exterior with lots of obstacles and materials lying around can be an invitation to a burglar.

Check air ventilation systems and gratings for easy burglar access. In some cases you may have to install heavy grills or bars over those vulnerable areas.

Concrete barriers like planters, curbs or my favorite, bollards (concrete posts) are effective in stopping vehicle attacks. It’s always a good idea to consult your landlord or the city for permission to install this type of security.

Examine all exterior doors carefully, checking for solid core construction and no less than 13/4 inches in thickness. Make sure all exterior doors have at least two number one grade deadbolt locks on all entry doors and drop bars on non entry doors where allowed by the fire department. Make sure mail boxes are not located near the lock areas.

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