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About The Police Force

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Enforcing the laws and regulations within the society is the responsibility of the police and as such policing is an essential service in any country. It is the police that deal with law and order problem. Detection and prevention of criminal activity also come within the jurisdiction of the police force. They have to undertake surveillance work to identify and prevent potential threats to the society from within. Criminals will indulge in anti-social activities like theft, robbery and violence and the duty to protect people from such hazards become the responsibility of the police. The culprits are to be apprehended and to be brought before the courts of law for trials. Police have to handle arson, riots and similar unruly situations created by mobs and establish peace in the locality. Traffic control is yet another task entrusted to the police. Apart from taking precautionary measures to prevent accidents Rajasthan Police Constable Result 2021, they have to undertake rescue operations also after hazards. Natural disasters like wild fires, floods, heavy snowfalls and storms create emergency situations necessitating the police force to involve in the rescue operations. At times they are called to deal with political upheavals which may lead to serious law and order situations. Police also maintain bomb detection squads and full fledged crime detection departments. Forensic laboratories and dog squads come under the control of the police.

Policing is one of the most important portfolios handled by any government. It is governed by one of the senior most and efficient member of the cabinet. For the sake of administrative convenience the department is divided into different sections like law & order, crimes, traffic intelligence etc. In fact the society looks at police force as a protector against all types of impending dangers that may fall upon it. Internal security of the country is the responsibility of the police force. From the Chief to the constable, there are several thousands of people who serve the police force. They are trained to handle their respective duties with honesty and dedication. As a disciplined force police personnel are well equipped and well prepared to meet any challenging situation Rajasthan Patwari Admit Card 2021.

The state is also aware of the importance of the police. The personnel are looked after well in order to make them efficient as well as loyal. Apart from good remuneration many social security benefits are bestowed on them. Health and welfare of the police personnel and their families receive special consideration in the agenda of the government. Special accent is on the housing and education. Housing schemes for them in different parts of the country are implemented. Schemes are also implemented to impart education to their children. Free medical aids are offered to the families. Above all liberal retirement benefits are bestowed on the members of the police force.

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